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This is a permanent link that will have all the latest updates/features from TrackFootball. TrackFootball aims to provide value to publishes core metrics that we track 👇

Hi, I am Divyendu and I am building TrackFootball
On weekends (and some weekday evenings), I can be found playing. Scroll down for a list of latest TrackFootball features

A few public activities to explore

October 2021

New Homepage

A new homepage to reflect what trackfootball.app does and show our values and mission better.
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September 2021

Admin Can Add Field

Admin can see games that don't have a matched field and they can create a field. This needs to be done once for each field and future games on the field are automatically tagged.
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August 2021

Automatic Field Detection and Orientation

Where ever you play, TrackFootball detects the field around (marked with orange lines) you and orients the map so it always looks straight
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Sprint Direction

It shows the direction in which a sprint was performed. Bonus, it shows runs in yellow and sprints in red.
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Training List

View and analyze a list of all your activities
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Personal Records

Profile page shows your "All-time Best Efforts" for distance, sprints, runs, duration.
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Power Plays

See exactly where a sprint happened on the timeline
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Compare your activity profile with other users of the platform.
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July 2021

Football vs Run Detection

TrackFootball can tell the difference between a run and football.
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Monthly Overview

View an aggregate of your monthly efforts. Your profile can be made public.
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Speed Meter

Replay your game/session along the detected speed.
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Fitbit Integration

Connect with Fitbit and import your activities into TrackFootball.
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Satellite Map View

Option to see your session in a "satellite" map style.
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June 2021

Share Your Activities on Twitter

Share your activities on Twitter. Other social media will be added on demand.
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Replay Your Movements in the Game

Analyse your game spatially and temporally and easily replay your game to improve your spatial awareness and positioning.
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Default Activity Privacy

Instead of changing privacy settings for each activity. Set them once in your profile
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When you login for the first time, we step you through the "first steps" for the best experience of the app.
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Activity Journal

Write notes on your activity. These notes are always private even for public activities.
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Rate Your Activities

How did you feel about an activity? Journal via the mood meter.
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We Have a Blog

A blog to share our thoughts and ideas with the TrackFootball community.

Activity and User Privacy

Control the visibility of your profile and activity.
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Training Calendar View

View all your session at a glance.
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Aggregate Stats for the Month

Aggregate sprints, distance, time for the month in an overview
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May 2021

User Profile

Each athlete has their own profile now

April 2021

Core features → metrics, heatmap, sprint detection

Track, analyse and improve your game. How many runs, sprints did you have, a heatmap of the activity. All at one place. Integration with Strava.
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